reasonable accommodation

Last month, in EEOC v. Ford Motor Company, the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals (covering Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, and Michigan) held for the first time that employers may be required to permit employees to telecommute as a reasonable accommodation for a disability. While the decision is not binding on employers in the Third Circuit (covering Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware), the case is significant for employers within the Sixth Circuit’s jurisdiction and beyond as it clearly signals a willingness to expand the traditional concept of what constitutes an employer’s “workplace” as modern technology continues to evolve.
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Earlier this month Senator Bob Casey (D-PA) introduced the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act to the Senate floor. The proposed bill, which would supplement the Pregnancy Discrimination Act enacted by Congress in 1978, borrows the reasonable accommodation framework of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Specifically, the bill would require employers to provide reasonable accommodations to employees limited by pregnancy, childbirth, or related medical conditions.
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